Beams of Sunshine #13

Compilation of Sunshine’s Macro Monday #13 is here and they are amazing!

Kamerapromenader – Raindrops on a Leaf
Ouch, My Back Hurts – Getting Close . . . and Personal
Chasing the Blooms – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 13
Little Pieces of Me – Monday Macro
Xingful Mama – Tree Peony Seed Pods
Eklastic – Exploring the Hills and Dales
simply beautiful – fuzzy
Photo Roberts Blog – sunshine’s macro monday 13
citysonnet – Chrysanthemum
bushboys world – Succulent water drops
My Camera and I – Bottle Brush
Tranature – Fruit from the Flower
Nut House Central – Macro Monday
queennandini – Sunshine’s Macro Monday #13
View from the Back – Sunshine’s Macro Monday #13

Blue & White Longwing
Longwing Butterfly atTexas Discovery Gardens

This week’s new Sunshine’s Macro Monday post will go live at 6:00 this evening (Sunday) US Central Time.   Come back as often as you like throughout the week and post your macro shots.  If I missed your entry, please let me know.

Beams of Sunshine #12

First compilation of entries from the new site for Sunshine’s Macro Monday.  Take a look at all the amazing photos.  This weeks Sunshine’s Macro Monday goes live at midnight tonight right here.  Come back anytime tomorrow or the rest of the week and post one or more macro shots.  See ya!

Zebra’s Child – Filling the Frame #1
Anita’s Images – Macro Monday
Ouch!  My Back Hurts – Another American Beauty
Peace of Life Today – Fruit Deliciousness
City Sonnet – Geranium
Little Pieces of Me – Monday Macro
Kamerapromenader – Bee in the Middle
Cee’s Photo Challenges – Dahlia and Bee
norasphotos4u – Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Heaven’s Sunshines – Eye of an Owl
Photography OCD – The Medium is the Message
View From the Back – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 12
bushboys world – A King Parrot

Last of the Season
Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

Enjoyed every single entry this week.  Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Beams of SMM – 11

Here is the compilation of entries to this week’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11.  Take a few minutes to look through the links.  They keep getting better and better.

Cath’s Camera: SMM #11 – Crocus
Ouch My Back Hurts:  Yellow Peril aka Bug on Bloom
City Sonnet:  Chrysanthemum
Bushboys World:  It’s in the Eye
Pictures Imperfect Blog:  Improve Each Shining Hour
Simply Beautiful:  A Busy Bee
Peace of Life Today:  Just Add Water Drops and Sunshine
Chasing the Blooms:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 11
My Back Yard:  The Pole Dancer
Cee’s Photo Challenges:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 11 –
Kamerapromenader:  Macro Monday is Here
Nut House Central:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Photo Roberts Blog:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 11
Misty Roads:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Xingful Mama:  Teeny-Tiny Purple Flowers
Zebra’s Child:  Macro Monday
Bietigheim, 2019:  You Can’t See Me

Autumn Leaf
First Signs of Autumn

Thanks to all who participated this week.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, October 7 for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 12.  Feel free to title your post any way you want but please mention “Sunshine’s Macro Monday” somewhere on your post.  Find the rules for Sunshine’s Macro Monday by clicking here.

Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11

Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11 is here!  I love raindrops and that is what I am bringing once again.  What about you?

After a Spring Rain
After the Rain

Anyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingbackor add a link in the comment section below.  Please mention Sunshine’s Macro Monday somewhere on your post and also tag your post with SMM to make search results a bit simpler.  Find all details about this challenge here.