Beams of Sunshine #24

This week’s list of entries to Sunshine’s Macro Monday #24 brought everything from summer warmth to wintry frost and bright colors.  Take a look at the links below and enjoy!  You don’t want to miss these.

bushboys world brought us a wonderful raindrop:  A drop
Kamerapromenader captured wonderful depth of field on a Seed Pod
pictures imperfect blog made me smile with Water Colour Macros
Little Pieces of Me reminded me of lovely spring flowers:  Macro Monday
Jez Braithwaite captured a pretty geranium: Sunshine’s Macro Monday
citysonnet left us with a feeling of summer and the lightness of a Dandelion
Three photos of beautiful Daffodils came from Cee’s Photo Challenges
one letter UP brought out the details of Lettuce Lines
Beautiful Photographs presented layers of rose petals for Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Lovely colors Of Paint and Cobwebs was submitted by My camera and I
norasphotos4u captured a lovely raindrop for Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Fuzzy-Wuzzy Fungus highlighted by the sun came from Xingful Mama
Mama Cormier’s entry for Sunshine’s Macro Monday made dried plants look lovely
A pretty gallery of flowers was queennandini’s submission to Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Macro Monday from Nut House Central had fantastic focus on a tiny beetle
A wintry chill came from Tranature with Frosty Mint Macros
Lovely gallery of macros for Sunshine’s Macro Monday submitted by View from the Back

My entry for this week from my main blog site
Heaven’s Sunshine:  Promise of Beauty to Come

Cubic Agave
Lincoln Park Conservatory – Chicago

The next Sunshine’s Macro Monday post will go live by midnight tonight – US Central Time.   Even though this is a Macro Monday Challenge, feel free to post your macro shots any time through the week.  If I missed your entry, please let me know.  For more info on what this challenge is all about click here.