Marble Raindrops

Sunday Stills – Oldie but goodie or favorite shot

Marble Raindrops
Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve

This was the easiest choice possible for this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.  Captured back in 2016, it is not only an oldie but remains one of my favorite macro shots.

REMINDER:  This week’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge will post at midnight tonight.  Come back and share your macro shots as often as you like throughout the week.

33 thoughts on “Marble Raindrops

      1. Haha! I understand. I don’t walk out in the rain much either. Too hard to carry an umbrella and a camera. I also don’t much care for rain AND wind because the raindrops don’t stay around. Without the wind, the raindrops tend to stick around for a bit and there’s better chance for reflections with a bit of sunlight. 😁

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      2. I was astonished that according to analytics, it’s more popular than my art and animation. That was unexpected.

        I renamed myself on twitter to shutterbug. Not original, I know, but fitting for the revelation.

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