Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11

Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11 is here!  I love raindrops and that is what I am bringing once again.  What about you?

After a Spring Rain
After the Rain

Anyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingbackor add a link in the comment section below.  Please mention Sunshine’s Macro Monday somewhere on your post and also tag your post with SMM to make search results a bit simpler.  Find all details about this challenge here.

47 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11

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    1. And a great insect it is! 😊 The wet bloom can be next. I love capturing raindrops and find them easier to do than insects. Unless the wind is blowing, raindrops don’t fly away or run off like insects do. 😉


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