Beams of SMM – 10

Take a look at all the wonderful entries for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 10.

Anita’s For the Love of:  Sunshine’s Monday Macro – Babies
Ouch!  My Back Hurts:  Monday Macros – Spiky
City Sonnet – Purple Flower
Pictures Imperfect Blog – Mein kleiner gruner Kaktus
Cath’s Camera:  Autumn Crocus
My Back Yard:  Lavender
Peace of Life Today:  Caterpillar Rendezvous
Bushboys World – The Mayfly
Helen Bushe:  Bye Bye Butterflies
Simply Beautiful:  Magical
Kamerapromenader:  Sleeping Beauty?
Nut House Central:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Photo Roberts Blog: Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Xingful Mama: End of the Season Star
View from the Back:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10
Chasing the Blooms:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10
Beautiful Photographs:  Cee’s FOTD Challenge
I Choose This: Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10

Monarch Butterfly

Thanks to all who participated this week.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, September 30, for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11.  Feel free to title your post any way you want but please mention “Sunshine’s Macro Monday” somewhere on your post.  Find the rules for Sunshine’s Macro Monday by clicking here.

12 thoughts on “Beams of SMM – 10

      1. Good question. 😊 Since I usually schedule my posts in advance anyway, I’ve been trying to schedule Sunshine’s Macro Monday to go live on Sundays at 8:00 pm USA central time. With people from all time zones on WP, I haven’t figured out what is the best time to post a challenge like this. I’ve thought of even going a bit earlier, would that be helpful to you?


      2. Thanks… I set my posts for Midnight our time, which is likely six hours ahead of you… so, I’ll just check first thing when I wake up… that should then only be a few hours after you posted! 😉

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