Beams of SMM – 10

Take a look at all the wonderful entries for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 10.

Anita’s For the Love of:  Sunshine’s Monday Macro – Babies
Ouch!  My Back Hurts:  Monday Macros – Spiky
City Sonnet – Purple Flower
Pictures Imperfect Blog – Mein kleiner gruner Kaktus
Cath’s Camera:  Autumn Crocus
My Back Yard:  Lavender
Peace of Life Today:  Caterpillar Rendezvous
Bushboys World – The Mayfly
Helen Bushe:  Bye Bye Butterflies
Simply Beautiful:  Magical
Kamerapromenader:  Sleeping Beauty?
Nut House Central:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Photo Roberts Blog: Sunshine’s Macro Monday
Xingful Mama: End of the Season Star
View from the Back:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10
Chasing the Blooms:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10
Beautiful Photographs:  Cee’s FOTD Challenge
I Choose This: Sunshine’s Macro Monday 10

Monarch Butterfly

Thanks to all who participated this week.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, September 30, for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 11.  Feel free to title your post any way you want but please mention “Sunshine’s Macro Monday” somewhere on your post.  Find the rules for Sunshine’s Macro Monday by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Beams of SMM – 10

      1. Good question. 😊 Since I usually schedule my posts in advance anyway, I’ve been trying to schedule Sunshine’s Macro Monday to go live on Sundays at 8:00 pm USA central time. With people from all time zones on WP, I haven’t figured out what is the best time to post a challenge like this. I’ve thought of even going a bit earlier, would that be helpful to you?


      2. Thanks… I set my posts for Midnight our time, which is likely six hours ahead of you… so, I’ll just check first thing when I wake up… that should then only be a few hours after you posted! 😉

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