Beams of SMM – 9

Wrap up for week 9 of Sunshine’s Macro Monday.  Entries were:

For the Love of:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday – Fly
Ouch!  My Back Hurts!  Macro Monday – Marvelous Moment
City Sonnet:  Lantana and Bee
bushboys world:  The Dragonfly
Cath’s Camera:  Macro Monday 16 September 19
Chasing the Blooms:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 9
Peace of Life Today:  Consider the Grasshopper
simply beautiful:  elusive
Pictures Imperfect:  St John’s Wort
Kamerapromenader: Bee Covered in Pollen
XingfulMama:  Even Weeds Can Be Pretty
Misty Roads:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 9
Tranature: Fuzzy Blue
View from the Back:  Sunshine’s Macro Monday 9
Photo Robert’s Blog – Sunshine’s Macro Monday 9

Garfield Conservatory – Chicago

Thanks to all who participated this week.  If I missed someone, please let me know.  See you on Monday, September 23 for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 10.  Feel free to title your post any way you want but please mention “Sunshine’s Macro Monday” somewhere on your post.  Find the rules for Sunshine’s Macro Monday by clicking here.

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