Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 5

Hello everybody!  Decided to post this week’s Sunshine’s Macro Monday a couple of hours before my actual Monday starts to accommodate people who live on the other side of the world from me.

My capture for this week is a plumeria that is about to burst open.  Can’t wait to see what you are bringing today.  FYI – I have my comments set up to approve before they show up.  I do sleep sometimes, so please be patient with me if I don’t get to your link immediately.

Pinwheel Plumeria
Garfield Conservatory

Anyone is welcome to join in with one or more macro or close-up shots each week.  Create a pingbackor add a link in the comment section below.  Please mention Sunshine’s Macro Monday somewhere on your post and also tag your post with SMM to make search results a bit simpler.  Find all details about this challenge here.

46 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday – 5

    1. Hi, Lisa. I love the fragrance of plumeria too! There were about 3-4 plumeria trees blooming in this one room of the conservatory so it looked and smelled wonderful. Thanks for joining in with you two great captures. 😊

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    1. Yes, you are so right. Frangipani is the scientific name for plumeria. I have no idea what is meant by “scientific name” when it comes to flowers but I have seen it listed as plumeria and frangipani. One of these days I will have to research that. 😊

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      1. Oh, no! You are making me think on a Monday morning. 😳 It is very possible that they are native to Hawaii since it is a tropical plant. I did see lots of them growing there earlier this summer. Think I need a nap now. 😊

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    1. I didn’t what it was either until seeing it at this garden a couple of years ago. Now, plumeria is one of the many blossoms I look forward to capturing every time I go to the conservatory. 😊

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